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karthi • Jul 23, 2007

Regarding project in Robotics


I am doing my final year diploma in engineering robotics.
Kindly guide me for my final year project. I want to do it in robotics.
Please tell me which project will be good for me and also tell me how to implement it.

Elisa • Jul 23, 2007
Try for line following robot. There were few discussions on CE about the same. We can help you with the problems that you may encounter while working on the project. But it would not be proper to ask others to do it for you.
jvivin1990 • Jan 17, 2010
hi all,

i have started building a line follower for a competition.but the constraint given is a black line(width 20cm) in a white background.
my idea with 4 ir sensors works only for thin black this case how can we build such wide robots ?
how much sensors will be needed? is there exists any alternative idea?

pls reply competition is nearing...

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