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@csiscool • 21 Feb, 2010
Next door to me live four brothers of different heights. Their average height is 74 inches, and the difference-in height amongst the first three men is two inches. The difference between the third and fourth is six inches. Can you tell how tall is each brother?

PS: Post detailed solution
@sookie • 21 Feb, 2010 • 1 like Given :
C1(Condition 1): difference-in height amongst the first three men is two inches
C2(Condition 2): difference between the third and fourth is six inches
Average height= 74

Let first man's height= x
Second man's height= x+2 (as per C1)
Third man's height= (x+2)+2= x+4 (as per C1)
Fourth man's height= (x+4)+ 6 = x+10(as per C2)

Average = (First man's height+ Second man's height+ Third man's height+ Fourth man's height)/Total no of men

Average = (x+(x+2)+(x+4)+(x+10))/4 = 74
Solving it we get x=70
so now
First man's height= 70
Second man's height= x+2 = 70+2=72
Third man's height= x+4 = 70+4= 74
Fourth man's height= x+10 = 70+10=80

Was this so simple or still any other thing for puzzling us is there 😔 ..Please tell
@sherya mathur • 22 Feb, 2010 lets the height of third person is=x
therefore the height of the forth person will be=x-6
from the first condition
the second person will be=x+2
the first person will be=x+4
given average height=74
hence total height will be =74 x4=296
which will be equal to
therefore answers are

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