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17 Jan 2009

Project Help: Need basic information about solar cars

hi frn's... i wanna do some project in solarcars... can u help me out wid some basic's n already done project..?? plz....u can have my e mail id <snipped>
10 years ago
Re: Project - solar car

Karthik, welcome to CE. Could you please ask specific questions about basic information you are interested in about Solar Cars? It would be impossible for us to write everything about Solar Cars. You may however look at following link for basics of Solar Car -

Solar vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I request you to pay attention to the notice displayed on the top which clearly says "No SMS text" in your posts on CE Forums. We are read by a majority of senior engineers who do not appreciate casually written technical queries. Also, it is very important to provide an appropriate subject to your post so as to attract maximum response to your queries.

Moreover, we request that all the discussions happen over CE Forums so that others get benefited from your doubts/queries.

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