Prepositions Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions present below:
against, at, by, like, near, of, for, from, in, on, to, up, with, after, through, since

1. The manager has called a meeting _______ 3:00pm on Monday.

2. We had a training _____ Java and C++ for an entire week.

3. Have you heard anything _________ him yet?

4. My cubicle is _____ your cubicle.

5. Put this __________ your drawer and do not let anyone see it.

6. Which of these roads will lead _____ Church?

7. He sometimes argues _____ the manager.

8. I think there is a new employee _____ the door.

9. Even the new team leader could not clear him _____ his confusion.

10. Ishan likes to lean _____ my desk.

11. The new project is expected to come online _____ May.

12. I usually come to work _____ him ____ his car.

13. Do you want to continue working in this department even ________ the project is complete?

14. He had to push his way _____ the crowd to get into the elevator.

15. We have not had this meeting _____ early last year.


  • silverscorpion
    1) at
    2) on
    3) from
    4) like
    5) in
    6) to
    7) for
    8) near
    9) of
    10) against
    11) by
    12) with, in
    13) after
    14) through
    15) since

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