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Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 1, 2018

Prepare for IT Job or GATE?

I have been an average or say below average student who never thought what to do in life. Parents told to take science I took.  Neighbours told to do engineering I did. But dat too with a 2nd division, 

I know i wasn't good in academics so I won't be able to get an IT job. So I joined BPO for a year as meanwhile my family went through a financial problem . But now as situations are under control i am bit confused for my career. 

I have big dreams in my life now and this time is crucial as I passed out in 2017 . As now i have decided by my own that i should prepare for GATE as it will open doors to my dreams. 

But I am bit scared as being practical on the other side if i wont be able to crack it then i will end up with all doors closed as no one will be hiring me in the IT field  due to no work experience. 

My question is should i focus on GATE or should i give that much time to prepare for a good IT job what will be great ?

Trust me i am ready to give my inputs towards GATE but i m scared that if it wont workout i wont be able to be an IT professional as well ... Help me !!!!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 2, 2018

Welcome to CrazyEngineers @Rohit Kapoor . A lot seems to be going on. Your dream is to become an IT professional and I think it's time to focus on it. GATE would mean preparation for another year, then 2 additional years of study; with an ultimate goal to become an IT professional, right?

Why not start preparing and becoming an expert in the domain that you wish to join? Your preparation should start by figuring out which programming language, domain you wish to join.

There are several - IT, Networking, Administration, Programming, Testing, Designing, BI, Cloud, UI/UX. You'll have to find out more information about each of these and find out which one looks very interesting. 

Then start working on the tools and technologies that you'll have to learn to get into it. If you decide on programming, I'd recommend joining a class (offline or online) and begin your preparation. 

Be sure to build a portfolio of the projects that you work on on GITLAB or GITHUB. It will be handy while applying to jobs. Do not directly aim the big IT companies. Focus on getting experience first with smaller companies. It'd help you springboard to better job at bigger IT companies with better package than peers.

I hope this helps. Be active around, ask questions and help others. Lot of amazing stuff coming up on CrazyEngineers in coming days. Be a part of it.

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 2, 2018

No sir but the problem is i am very bad at basic concepts so i thought if i am planning to study why it cant be for a big reason .... U took it wrong my only dream is not to work in IT ... Read my post once again @Kaustubh Katdare i told u i have big dreams ... Which exactly means that they cant be fulfilled by a normal IT job of 9 -5 

I want an answer for my question that if i appear for GATe 2020 nd nothing works out can i be into IT job by studing with a course ... Will they consider me for these valid reasons or not

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 2, 2018

I think you've already figured out what you want to do. As you said, you are not good at basic concepts; you are planning to prepare for GATE. 

I still think it's not a good option. GATE will expect you to be good at basics anyways and theory won't teach you programming or any skill that's used by the industry. For that you should join a certification course. 

I'm not sure what your dreams are and if they are not going to be fulfilled by 9-5 job; you should rather be doing what you should be doing.

If you appear for GATE 2020 and nothing works out, you'll still need excellent IT skills (IT, Networking or Testing etc.). By that time, you will have wasted ~ 1.5 year and starting afresh. That's the reason I advised that you should join a course and dedicate the next 1 year to mastering the skills-set required by the industry. 

I personally do not see GATE helping you in any way achieving your dreams; whatever they are. 

I hope this helps a bit. If you have more clarification to make you can post it below and wait for answers from our fellow engineers. 

I wish you all the best! 

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 2, 2018

See the thing is now i am not that financially fit that i can afford even a 7-8k certification course i thought of gate because according to me it is the only thing that can erase my worst past and create a bright future.. As doing is not just about being a professor ... There might be a chance that i get into some IITs or NITs so that i can get placed from those institutes and that too a reputed one ... I am thinking of something big  ... Something which wsnt for me ... Something out of d box ... I know many people will come arround and say things like you as you said i will waste my 1.5 years ... But i dont think preparing for an exam will make a waste of time for anyone ... I know its hard its tough ... But all i know is i want it ..  

My query ws just dat if i failed in my attempts is there any chance to get an IT job after that or not ... 

I totally appericiate your suggestions. .... But my first goal is GATE ... And being a human i also have fears in mind with a question "What if....??" 

I think i know what i have to do now ... Lets see ... Nd Thanx a lot once again ...

Himanshu Bh
Himanshu Bh • Dec 2, 2018

@Rohit Kapoor brother i would suggest you to prepare a IT job and get that job. If you were stating that your dreams are not fullfilling by 9-5 job then how can you say that after clearing GaTE and getting placement from reputed institute will fullfill your dream. As you get experience with IT job you will get more pay. As per my view after Mtech that should be completed after 3 year  including preparation for GATE and after 3 years of IT experience you will get same pay, but having more experience.

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 3, 2018

Dear @Himanshu Bhoraniya i think you are not aware about the difference of product based jobs and service oriented jobs .... 

Clear your concept about these two profiles of jobs then rensponse me .... If u dont know let me tell you ... IITs can provide product based jobs like Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley ,etc. I dont say that i cant get them without IIT but it will be a hell struggle which i can minimise by cracking gate .... What you said showed that you are not aware of the true scenario of IT ... And how you can say it will be the same pay after 3 yrs whether i crack gate or do an IT job ... 

Anyways thankyou so much for your suggestion but i think you dont knw the exact different thats why you said such ... I appereciate your suggestion ... But will advice you to improve your knowledge regarding jobs . I am not saying this because my ego is hurt ... No..  Not at all sir but your reply gives a wrong message to others who want to do something big ... Just Google about product based jobs and service oriented jobs ... And then tell me whether i will get the same pay after my from IIT .... Let me tell you one more thing that even if after a certification course i get job of normally 15-17k in hand my increment after 2years will be only 40-50k and that too by switching 2-3 companies which will also affect my stability in a particular job .... Think before you suggest sir ... 

Thank you :)

Himanshu Bh
Himanshu Bh • Dec 3, 2018

Sorry brother, go for GATE afterwards you have plenty of options. But you were saying also that what if i fail, then as suggested you can go for IT jobs. If you from starting itself target product based companies like small PC then Ultimately you can reach your target.

I think you very big dreams. @Rohit Kapoor 

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 3, 2018

Yes ofcourse i have 

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 3, 2018

Yes i do have very big dreams of which u guys cn never think of ... As u guys r poor at knowledge ... Know nothing about there career but will suggest others for sure ....  Bro u will complete 6th sem now which i completed 2yrs back which practically states i am 2yrs ahead .... if you have enough guts then keep a note of my email id

Will see you n me after 3yrs ... Where we both stand .... People like you can be only a frog of one well. ... Unless you get a hit by time ..... I dont need ur suggestions ..just keep it in ur ass only .... Nd fuck off .... nllm...

U kiddo just stay out of it as i am very serious about my goals

Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor • Dec 3, 2018

@Himanshu Bhoraniya First complete your graduation seriously ... U stand nowhere bro till yet you stand nowhere. ..... I would request the developers to kiddos like you out of reach from suggesting people who dont know what they want from life bit can suggest negative comments to others ....  Just stay out of it ... Focus on ur semesters first ... 

Himanshu Bh
Himanshu Bh • Dec 4, 2018

@Rohit Kapoor Good luck Brother for your future.☺️

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