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@Sudhanshu Bhatt • 02 Jan, 2014
Hi, I am Sudhanshu Bhatt, done my engineering in 2013 with IT branch, now I am working for a multinational IT company as Test Engineer in PUNE, but I am not satisfied with my job. I want to join some PSUs through GATE.

So I want to ask you guys is it a good idea to quit job and prepare for GATE'15? I haven't appeared in GATE exam before.
I am totally pissed off with this job and want to do something good in my life.

But my parents, friends and senior suggest continuing with the same job as there is crisis of job in IT industry. I am going through lot of stress these days due this.

So my doubts are:

1) Is it right to quit job and prepare for GATE.

2) What should I do if I am not selected in GATE’15?

3) Also Company in which I am working has 2 year bond so quitting job before 2 years (for GATE Preparation), I will not get any experience letter.

Since these questions I should ask to myself but I am not able to reach any conclusion so I am accepting a wise advice from you guys.

@Kaustubh Katdare • 02 Jan, 2014 Thread moved to GATE section.
@Ankita Katdare • 02 Jan, 2014 Hi Sudhanshu,
First of all, welcome to CrazyEngineers.

I have a lot of friends who have gone through a similar dilemma. One of my friend who works in IT was made to sit on bench for 8 months. After that he got into a project that was no good for him to build a good technical expertise. Frustrated, he started thinking about the options. The logical step seemed to be going for Post Graduation course. To pursue the technical career, GATE looked like a good choice.

He started taking extra efforts and started preparing for GATE part time. He studied early morning before going to the office and after coming back home at night too.
There are a lot of institutions that offer coaching for GATE on weekends. A lot of people in jobs take these classes and prepare really well.

So, people do go for it and if you decide to pursue GATE, it isn't a bad idea at all.

Regarding your questions -
1. Why quit job when you can work on GATE part-time. One year is sufficient time to prepare well.

2. If you're not selected in GATE, you still have the job in hand. Who knows? After one year, you might actually start loving the work you do or will find better role and prospects in the office.
@Sudhanshu Bhatt • 02 Jan, 2014 • 1 like Thanks Ankita.

The thing is I am trying to study with the job but I am not able to manage and It seems to be I need coaching as well to clear my doubts in core subjects like algorithms, theory of computation, since I am from IT branch, so subjects like Automata and Compiler I haven't studied as it was not a part of syllabus.
Moreover subjects like digital logic and computer organisation in which I am very weak so for that full time coaching is necessary for me.

As I am not getting any encouragement from family and friends and that leads to a big question mark that am I capable enough to crack the GATE exam and score a respectable rank.
I am lacking with the motivation factor and having a fear of failure that if I am not able to crack the exam then there is two year gap after B.Tech and I will land-up getting nothing in my hand.

There are many people having some dreams in their life but only few of them having courage to chase their dreams, same with me, I have some dream but lacking with the courage factor.

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