Pragyaan 2012 at National Institute of Technology, Tamil on Jan 23, 2012

Pragyaan 2012 is a Techno Management Fest organized by NIT Trichy.

Pragyaan, the annual Techno Management festival of NIT, Trichy is a humble attempt to promote and foster this co-existential relationship between Man and Technology. The insignia, insinuating Man's eternally progressive leap over the Wheel of Technology, is symbolic of Pragyan's endeavor to inculcate the spirit of engineering, innovation and forward thinking among youth. For over half a decade, Pragyan has worked tirelessly towards this gial, by churning out seven memorable edition, each of which has enlightened, emboldened and inspired an entire generation of engineers.

Coming February, NIT Trichy will be the epicenter of a scintillating Celebration of Technology, and the journey of exploration, revelation and awe.


Technical events like- Robotics, Coding, Science and Core Engineering or,

Non Technical events like- Management, Quizzing and Informals,

Events both online and offline successfully cater to the inventor, the innovator, the engineer and the entrepreneur in you.

For more details, queries and registration; visit their website: #-Link-Snipped-#


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