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el3ktr1k • Oct 10, 2008

Position Control

I figured out before how to control the speed of a motor through a microcontroller by varying the duty cycle of a pulse width modulated signal. But now I want to control another motor but instead of varying its speed, I just want to vary how many degrees it rotates. For example I might want it to rotate 18 degrees clockwise and hold its position there. How do I go about doing this. I've been using a pic16f877 microcontroller. Thanks for any help.
shadeslayer • Oct 10, 2008
use servomotor with PWM signal to voltage convertion
sriramchandrk • Oct 14, 2008
I guess you could use servomotor as told by shadeslayer
or a stepper motor and need to calibrate the steps and code based on the required angle.

Thanks & Regards

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