Plastic wheel for electric cars - Extend range by 20%

The plastic wheel rims are made of Ultramid® Structure, an innovative high-performance plastic. It significantly reduces vehicle weight, lowers emissions and extends range.
Ultramid® Structure has reinforcing glass fibers added to make the plastic robust and improve its mechanical properties even more. It makes the wheel rims durable enough for continuous use long-term use.
Ultramid® Structure is suitable for any application requiring high strength plus lightweight construction. This is the case in many other areas as well as the car industry.


  • cyberpine
    Nice information. If the wheels can be plastic, so can a lot more of the car. I'm waiting for an all electric with the motor right in the rear drive axel. In wheel is cool too, but multiple motors add more points of failure IMO.

    My dream car is a small RWD electric muscle car with a big rear window that retracts into or over the roof and a tailgate that folds back exposing a long, flat cargo area.

    Something like the "Open Cargo Coupe"

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