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@gopaldeshpande • 06 Jun, 2012 • 1 like
why is pile foundation preffered to an open footing foundation for a residential building even when hard rock strata is available at a depth of about 6 to 7 metres from the ground level?
@mohsin8561 • 06 Jun, 2012 its because of its ease of work. For open foundation a maximum area is to be excaveted for footing + tie beam etc. In that case the safety of besides of structure is an important factor
but when pile prefere a shore pile or boundry pile is to be casted to retain the soil /earth/structure etc.
but in case of pile several group of pile is laid for one/alternate footings
its also depends on the SBC of soil &
when in case of hard rock strata is available in minimum depth with respect to road level then its difficult to break the rock for required depth of footing
so in that case pile foundation are prefered there are various types of pile foundation ex rotary types of pile.
hope its helpfull for you

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