PG - SEM from IIM - B ... Comments.

Hello everyone,

I'll be joining an IT company next month after enjoying a two month hiatus of post engineering holidays.

Later on I've decided to target a post graduate MBA programme from IIM - Bangalore, PG-SEM (Post Graduate in Software Enterprise Management) which requires a minimum of two years experience in an IT company. You can get more info about PG-SEM by #-Link-Snipped-#

Apart from the course content, another attractive feature of this programme is the flexibility with which one can apply for it. One can apply through CAT or GMAT or a seperate entrance exam test conducted by IIM B for the course which I think might be good enough for someone who wants to continue in technical sector after a management degree.

If anyone on CE has some experience/info with the above course, it will be great if he/she shares his/her information with me on this thread.



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