Peruvian stock market – good or bad?

Hi all, I am new in the stock market and would like to know more about the Peruvian stock market – like is it safe investing there, are there any near losses? I would like to have the suggestions of people that have really been there and have an internal experience of that stock market. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • haikami
    Hi, if you are thinking of investing in a particular stock market it is very necessary for you to have a deep knowledge about it. The Peru stock market offers a 3-4 digit investment return and from which a 25 year old bank messenger changed the scenario of life by getting as high as 11 times more that the current investment returns. It is one of the highest among the Top 10 countries offering the most astounding stock returns of the year. It’s like a #-Link-Snipped-# that’s been discovered. I hope that my suggestion will update you more on the Peruvian stock market.
    Best of luck!

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