Personal Prodject Help- Model Paint Mixer

Hey guys, I've been working on a design for a paint mixer for my model paints. So far, I got the general idea planed out in my head, but I need some help with the details regaurding the mounting of gears and what not.

You see, I need some advice in mounting the gears and what not. I not need anything precise, as I'm building this from mostly scrap materials from broken devices I've taken apart and from the scrap wood pile.

As far as the details are concerned, the base of the prodject will be wood, and I only have some basic tools and material to work with, although I might be able to order some extra stuff as needed.

My main two questions are:

1) What is a good simple way to mount the shafts that the gears will be on into the base? So far Drilling a hole to hold the shaft seems the best idea, but I think their might be a better way.

2) The other question I had in mind is how can a disk or plate be attached to a shaft so that it rotates with it? I plan on putting the paint bottle on the plate and securing it down on it so it doesn't fly off into the wall or something.

I hope I've been detailed enough with my questions and what-not. Thanks in advance for any help, this is the frist time I've ever did anything like this.


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