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Oppo Takes 5x Dual Camera Zoom Module Off The Wraps At MWC 2017

At the MWC 2017 event, Oppo has unveiled its all new 5x Zoom Dual Camera setup, which is unique in its clever arrangement of lenses horizontally across the phone, ensuring a slimmer form factor and providing a 5X “lossless” zoom. The module packs more than 50 parts within a thickness of 5.7mm! Other smartphone manufacturers, like Samsung and Asus, have also successfully achieved such amazing optical zoom capabilities, but doing so made phones ugly with a huge camera module protrusion.


With its periscope-style setup, the camera bump is eliminated altogether. The whole zoom mechanism works utilizing wide angle and telephoto lenses. While taking photos, light enters through the outer casing, hits the prism (much like a periscope), makes a 90 degree turn and then travels horizontally to the waiting lens. During the travel, light passes through an array of lenses having enough space to produce that deep zoom effect. Oppo has provided optical image stabilization on prism along with all the lenses to ensure fantastic crisp images even at full zoom.

OIS Technology

Just to have a comparison with present dual setup implementation, iPhone 7 can provide 2X optical zoom in a single step i.e. either you have 1x Zoom or 2X. If Oppo successfully brings it to mainstream phone market, we can get a variable zoom from 1X to 2X along with a 3X to 5X zoom in steps. The company started working with an Israeli startup named Corephotonics, specializing dual camera setups, a year back to achieve this.

The company made similar claims with the showcase of VOOC fast charging technology at last year’s mobile world congress. Impressing the community with a charge time of 15 min only, they failed to even implement the same in any of their smartphones. Only time will show whether we are going to have a sleek phone with camera capabilities of a DSLR or not.

Source: Gadgets360

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