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pylon • Aug 17, 2008

Odd smoke detector?

This was the first thing I noticed when I walked into my apartment:


My guess is that it is a smoke detector; however, it blows.

The apartment is hot as hell and this thing makes an irritating buzzer type noise when a small breeze moves into the hole in the center of the peice of metal. It can be activated by blowing into it. The LED to the left of the metal piece goes off when it is activated.

Any ideas?
Man, thats some vintage stuff 😛 Maybe a humidity detector? But components on the outside? hmm the "8051" makes it quite recent (that is.. not more than 2 decades old 😛 )

Can you take it down and disassemble it? *grin* Be careful, though. Looks like its directly connected to the mains. What is the company name? Something "of Canada Ltd".. maybe you can scratch the white paint off a little to reveal the rest of the name.
prestonee • Aug 18, 2008
If its made in canada then its crap =)
I say toss it =)
KINETIC_JOULES • Aug 18, 2008
Wow. . . I'm not quite sure what that is. . .
bayazidahmed • Aug 19, 2008
If you want to get rid of it, just cut any one of the three wires that we protruding out of it (one above, two below).

Exercise extreme caution while doing it.

I can gurantee that it will stop functioning if you do it properly, but if you dont, like cutting it with your knife or leaving the cut wires open then dont blame me for anything

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