NVIDIA G-Sync is ASUS-Exclusive till Q3 2014: Rumor


Rumor's afloat that NVIDIA's latest hardware G-Synch shall be ASUS monitor exclusive till Q3 next year. The G-Sync is the tech that mends screen tearing in Kepler-based games. It was made known earlier that ASUS shall be pioneering the G-Sync tech, but that NVIDIA wants to pin down for some time seems weird, more so as the company wants this technology to be adopted over a wide bracket. Considering that no official confirmation has been out yet, it's best to leave this at that, as a rumor. Post ASUS, other manufacturers who'll be employing G-Sync technology include Viewsonic, Phillips and Benq.


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    IDK why this news gives me butterfly in the stomach ? 😁
    This technology gonna change the PC gaming experience (But do we really need 120+ fps for gaming ?). After release of G-sync in Asus monitors, all the Nvidia Kepler chipset owners surely migrate to Gsync enabled monitors.
    Question is, what ATI has in their store which can attract gamers to buy Radeon chips & not Nvidia Kepler chipsets ?

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