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NSF To Boost Advanced Wireless Research And Academia With A Donation Of $400 Million In US

There was a time in the year of light, 2015 when the US President Barak Obama sanctioned a huge lump sum of $200 million to improve photonics R&D and industry. And this is the time, when Mr. Obama and team has announced $400 million for advanced research to be carried out in the field of wireless communication, especially including 5G network. In association with National Science Foundation, Obama team wants the developers to go under immense research that will build a new era replacing contemporary 4G and LTE network.

As reported in NSF press release, the Government in partnership with Intel, Samsung, AT&T and other technology companies will hand over $400 million for next 7 years as an integral part of a project to weave the 5G network using futuristic technology. At first the system will be tested in 4 cities and further, if approved, it will be distributed across the nation. Spectators believe that it is a direct effect of Federals Communication Commission’s (FCC) Spectrum Frontiers which took place yesterday.


AWRI affirms that a high frequency millimeter wave spectrum will be used coupled with the other spectrums. This action will not only magnificently increase the speed but also decreases the response time. Although AWRI, NSF and the team are intertwined with the Government norm, this time they got the opportunity to sign a deal with various other for-profit companies. In the entire tenure, the listed companies will help the team to shape the idea by providing related equipment, framework and design and human resource.

The report also claims that the chosen companies were rather selected from the open call for participation in the consortium with the help of Dear Colleague Letter. NSF seems to show an affirmative signal when critics frowned regarding future of the proposed idea as Obama’s tenure is approaching its end destination. Corresponding to the paper presented, the first $85 million will be invested in preliminary work. Later $350 will be further added in upcoming 7 years for academic related use in “test-subjects” i.e. cities.

According to the source, the agenda’s primary objective is to realize a better connectivity across 350 million mobile devices. Also the wireless network will be used in the betterment of other wireless applications such as IOT applications, air transport systems, medical applications etc. Currently the wireless edge networks are getting its final shape in Intel Labs in expense of $6 million and $4.7 million is invested in an associated project with the Academy of Finland that will deliver frameworks, architectures, protocols, methodologies, and tools required for the purpose.

Source: NSF

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