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Newbie question: Help me decide supply voltage!

Question asked by grunge in #Coffee Room on Feb 2, 2009
grunge · Feb 2, 2009
I am building an experimental project and I am confused as to how much voltage I will need. I have five 400 volt 470 uf capacitors wired in series to give me a 2000 vdc pulsed output. I am not sure if I need a 400 volt power supply or a 2000 volt power supply. I hope to have about 120 pulsed outputs per second. Any help is appreciated. 😎 Posted in: #Coffee Room
Rifaa · Feb 7, 2009
Rank C1 - EXPERT
What do you think u are trying to do....Do u have death wish playing with high voltage.
Clarify your project.
raj87verma88 · Feb 7, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
2000 Volts??? What project are you making?
priyank_180 · Feb 8, 2009
Rank B3 - LEADER
if you have not enough knowlage about your project, then dont try to perform it, other vise you will be in troble, so plz first try to get enough detail about your project,
if you want help , simply just contect to MR AKA GODFATHER(HARSHAD ITALIYA) he is able to give more imformation ..

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