• NEST Learning Thermostat home automation system finds itself currently housed in 120 countries across the world, even though its availability was restricted to US and Canada thus far, with UK entering the picture just recently. So, to say that the device won an awesome reception would be an understatement. Or rather a plain fact. The thermostat is basically an intuitive app that smartens your place's heating and cooling systems. The European release of the device stood delayed due to a new component addition to the existing system. This component - called Heat Link - when connected to the boiler interacts with the thermostat either with a wired or wireless connection. Nest recommends a professional installation of Heat Link, and if you opt for the same, you'll have to shell out £249 instead of £179. Hopefully the difference ain't much considering the overall savings the thermostat will make for you, eh?


    Nest estimates that over 60% of the energy bill in UK comes off heating a home, so this is a space that could save a lot of money, if 'smart' solutions are applied - like having all your energy controls onto just one interface. What user needs to do on his end is to input a preferred temperature, and the intuitive thermostat will then make suitable adjustments for different seasons. Another bonus Nest's UK Thermostat has to offer is, it will switch off the heating before the put temperature is reached, making more of the residual heat in the boiler.

    Users shall get to operate the thermostat remotely via mobile apps, and Nest Leafs (the monthly energy reports) shall show how much energy was saved that particular month. Nest is still expanding across Europe, and has signed the local npower as its first partner. Now with Google making the financial spine here, Nest should be standing tall on its own pretty soon.
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