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Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal • Aug 5, 2011

MS programmes in India

Can anyone tell me what are various MS programmes offered in India , I am interested in doing MS in network Security
Reya • Aug 5, 2011
Ms programmes offered in India

M.S. in Systems & Information, Computer Science, Electronics & Control, Pharmacy Operations, Technological Operations, Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Design Engineering, Habitat Technology, Chemical Technology, Consciousness Studies, Consultancy Management, Engineering Management, Industrial Production & Management, Management Systems, Medical Laboratory Technology, Microelectronics, Quality Management, Software Engineering, Software Systems, Manufacturing Management, e-Business, Pharmaceutical Operations and Management, Telecommunication & Software Engineering; Mechanical Systems Design, Embedded Systems.
Reya • Aug 5, 2011
I guess none of the universities in INDIA offer M.S in Network security.

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