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ananth22290 • Mar 7, 2009

MS in Top Ten Universities

Hi Friends,

I read a few threads about choosing between MBA and MS.
I was partially inclined to do MS but now i am sure about doing it😁
All Hail s!!!!!
All Hail Big K!!!!!!!!!

I am currently doing my 2nd year in EEE.
I want to do Masters in one of Top 10 universities.

What are the factors considered?

Let us say i have

- 85% aggregate in UG
- Really Excellent GRE score
- Good final year project.

Are these good enough?

Awaiting your reply guys
Thank you
A bit of communications and leadership qualities will add up and dont forget to participate in organizational event in your graduation they will help you.
ananth22290 • Mar 14, 2009
Leadership qualities and communication will help me during my PG. But will they help me in getting "into" these universities?
And what weightage is given to GRE score and college marks?

hey i heard that a paper presentation at the international level also adds up to the application
there are some implications..
if you have leadeship qualities they will add up in your final year project aswell.
coming to your qualifications you specified it is fine.
You need to have good recommendation letters from your college , so if you have communication skills i think you will get it..
And also be proficient in english too..😎
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Apr 7, 2009
You will need great transcripts from your faculty members (the more renowned and noted the better!!), you will also need similar vouch from your external project guide.

Also, a lot of extracurriculars (outside the field of engineering and academics), workshops, et al. I suggest you see a consultant on this, they cost a bomb but they know their job.
Let us say i have

- 85% aggregate in UG
- Really Excellent GRE score
- Good final year project.

Are these good enough?

Thank you
Along with these as kidakka mentioned recommendation from professors and faculty matters a lot. Also your summer training project and recommendation from that place adds value to your profile.

Best of Luck
BookWorm87 • Nov 18, 2009
What is everyone's personal opinion on the top ten Universities?

I guess we can have a recommendation letter with a sign of biggie as well..
saying he is a good participant here πŸ˜€


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