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@Bhudda • 02 Aug, 2011
Hi, newbie here;

Can anybody point me in the direction of a good tutorial on moment distribution method in a sway frame.

It's the one part of structural analysis I just cannot get my head round. 😔

Thanks in advance
@somayajulu • 12 Aug, 2011 generally there are two types of sway frames. 1 pure sway frame 2 general sway frame
in pure sway frames the swaying is due to the directly applied horizontal loads for eg wind loads etc.
in general sway frames the swaying is due toat the unsymmetry of end conditions or loads or moment of inertia
for the analysis of sway frames by md method,first find the moments at joints as if it were not a sway frame.then using these moments find the horizontal reactions at each end.we find that the horizontal reactions are not equal.therefore there is a sway.due to this sway extra moments are created in addition to the existing moments.

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