• It may sound like a science fiction but with the support from National Science Foundation (NSF), Bio-medical engineer Bin He and his team at the University Of Minnesota have created a brain-computer interface a system which allows the brain to communicate directly with an external device . This interface allows subjects to control the flight of quad-copters using only their minds by simply thinking about specific movements.

    How does it really work? Well the subject has to wear an electro-encephalograph (EEG) cap with 64 electrodes. When the subject thinks about a specific movement neurons in the subject's brain motor cortex produces tiny electric signals, which are sent to a computer. The computer processes the signal and sends directions through Wi-Fi system to divert the quad-copter. This technology is being tested on students, who first have to undergo 10 to 20 hours of training by using their thoughts to virtually fly an aircraft over a computer generated model of University's campus. The same thing was then tried with real obstacle course made of balloon.

    This brain-computer interface can be utilized to perform everyday chores such as surfing the internet and turning on the lights. When combined with the correct equipment this interface could allow physically disabled people to carryout everyday activities that would otherwise be impossible without a caretaker, which was reported to be the main objective of this research.This research was supported by NSF and funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

    As we have already aware of the increased interest among countries like UAE and Amazon towards using quad-copters in logistics, I believe this newly developed technology has a good scope and can be useful in making the human life more easy and comfortable. But the question still sustains in our mind as at what price this amazing technology will be made available? So what do you think its right cost should be? We would be pleased to know your views regarding this recently surfaced technology in the comments below.

    Source: Mind-controlled helicopter flies on brainwaves | Business Standard News
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