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@fly-boy • 26 Jun, 2009
Guys i know how hard it can be to get ideas for final year project, there are times u just feel brain dead. So here's some reading material.

Project Mechatronics

I have to make up my mind by next week 😛

It would be cool to hear ideas popping from ur creative minds 😀
@Ashraf HZ • 26 Jun, 2009 Welcome to CE! That a great reference site, thanks fly-boy.

Don't forget to introduce yourself at the Introduction section here:
CE - Introductions - CrazyEngineers Forum
@geo • 28 Feb, 2011 Hi Guys.I am Geo.I am thinking about a mechatronics project idea for my MSc.Please share good and innovative ideas in mechatronics engineering project.
@guptakotla • 19 Sep, 2011 please give me some ideas for doing mechatronics project 😀 or if you have done any mechatronics project before please send me😡😀

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