Manchester for Chemical Engineering?

Hi, I'm new here, so - hi everyone!

I'v got a offer to read ChemEng at Manchester and just wondered if anyone could tell me what it's like studying it there? I've already visited it when I went up for interview and read material like this years Undergraduate Handbook, and neither can tell me what it's really like to study there. The module titles sound really interesting though, despite being a bit vague and generic.


  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Hi sunspoon, welcome to CE!
    I've temporarily moved your query to General Help, since we do not (at the moment) have a section dealing with university decisions. Don't fret, though. Hopefully some CEans can give a response 😀

    Are you asking about the city Manchester itself? I've been there once, its quite a nice place. Do you happen to be a football fan? 😛 Unfortunately I do not know much about the universities there. I'll try asking my friends though!
  • sunspoon
    Just wondering about the course and the general feel of the university on a day in day out basis really -I liked the city when I was up there and in terms of socials I think Oxford Road will be awesome.

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