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@VISHU2510 • 25 Mar, 2013
I am having 2700 rank in GATE-2013 in Mechanical stream.
So, I want to know what should i opt a new IIT or an old NIT.
If any lower rank student got both new IITs or old NITs ,so what should he choose.
@safiajen0055 • 26 Mar, 2013 I think new IITs you have to choose for your bright future.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Mar, 2013
I think new IITs you have to choose for your bright future.
It'd be better if you could back up your support with reasoning. Why do you think new IITs would be a better choice over old NITs?
@Ankita Katdare • 27 Mar, 2013 Most people I know would go for the old NITs given that they are bound to have more experienced professors. I do understand that new IITs might have great faculty too, but I've had a bad experience with just-out-of-college teachers. Therefore, if you are getting an admission in a well-reputed NIT that has a record of great teachers, go for it.
@avii • 06 Apr, 2013 It doesn't matter old or new, just try to find out who are the faculty in the department. Though most probably old NITs will be having good professors.

Secondly, consider which is your area interest & chose accordingly which NIT or IIT is best for that area.

All the best 👍
@aNaN • 19 Jun, 2013 IF you want the tag, go for an IIT
but in new IITs placements may not have started.
in old NITs, the teaching is good, placements are also good ...

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