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Leonce Chuwa
Leonce Chuwa • Oct 25, 2014

Link between Agri. Engineers and other Engineers

Hi guys I am new here..😀 And I'm very happy being here 😁hopeful i will get your support..
1. I will like to know or discuss with you guys that how is Agriculture engineers can link with other engineers? Probably mostly linked are mechanical engineers. Any other please?
2. How can they work together in field?
3. The main difference between those who take B. Tech. agricultural engineering and those took B. Sc. agricultural engineering?

Thanks let discuss!!😎
Agricultural engineers can interact quite well with Chemical Engineers, Biotechnologists. Remote sensing applications is drawing aerospace people also into agri and silvi culture.
Welcome to CE Leonce. Let us get cracking.
Leonce Chuwa
Leonce Chuwa • Oct 25, 2014
Thanks a lot Ramani 😀
how about the difference betweenB. science in Agri engg and B.Tech agricultural engg?
simplycoder • Oct 25, 2014
Welcome to CE, hope you have a good time here.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Oct 25, 2014
Hi Leonce, Welcome to CrazyEngineers Family. I've moved your discussion to appropriate section for convenience. 😀

Your question is really an important one.

Leonce R.B. Chuwa
how about the difference between B. science in Agri engg and B.Tech agricultural engg?
B.Sc Agriculture degree holders can bag jobs in educational institutes, seed/pesticide/fertilizer companies, research organizations etc. Some of the job profiles for freshers include - Agriculture Technician, Agriculture Specialist, Rice Breeder, Seed Technologist etc.
Whereas, the B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering degree holders generally do bag jobs in National Seeds Corporations, Natural Agricultural Innovative Projects, Agricultural Research Firms, Oil/Dairy/food corporations etc.

Apart from mechanical engineering, the field is linked with various other branches of engineering including - BioTechnology, Industrial engineering, Chemical & Civil Engineering etc.
Leonce Chuwa
Leonce Chuwa • Oct 28, 2014
Thanks very much Ankita..

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