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Thomas Schwenke
Thomas Schwenke • Aug 9, 2016

Lepelletier Gear Set - ZF Automatic Transmission

Hi crazy engineers 😀

I have a bit of a problem here and I hope that my question is not out of place.

I want to construct a Lepelletier automatic 6 speed gearbox. I want to create a 6HP19 with the following (standard) ratios: 4.17 - 2.34 - 1.52 - 1.14 - 0.87 - 0.69 - 3.40 - -3.73

I found the dimensions of the gears on that page:

However, as you can see, the short planetary gears are bigger than the long ones, which is a problem because I cannot place the ring gear around them, as it is shown here on page 8:

My question: How can I keep the ratios but make the short planetaries smaller? 😀

Best wishes,
Ok, here is (perhaps) a simplified question to the question above 😀

I have the following gears: Dropbox - gears-1.jpg

What do I need to do to lower the number of teeth of the gear in the center (light blue) WITHOUT changing the position of the left and right gears (dark blue)? The gear in light blue is the only that can be modified (position and number of teeth)!

Best wishes,

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