• How much more innovative can Microsoft get? After announcing Kinect enabled set-top boxes and #-Link-Snipped-#, Microsoft has set its eyes on portables now. Finding new uses every time from developers and enthusiasts, Microsoft has decided to make the Kinect capabilities more accessible by integrating them into notebooks.


    According to #-Link-Snipped-#, Microsoft has prepared a few prototypes with integrated Kinect sensors. The prototypes are running on Windows 8 platform. The Kinect sensors are embedded on top of the display where usually we find the webcam, while the bottom of the display features an array of LEDs. It has been officially confirmed that these are prototypes of the new Kinect enabled notebooks.

    As we had various functionalities marked out in our previous coverage of #-Link-Snipped-#, they somehow remain the same here for the notebooks too, adding a portability factor to all of them. Gaming with Kinect will make it to new levels with its integration to the portable devices. The most notable is the use of the sensors in controlling media applications and navigating through the Windows 8's Metro user interface. This could definitely be a good news for persons with disabilities as they could be controlling applications, using the sensors, specially designed for them.

    It is more likely that Microsoft is going to licence other manufacturers in integrating the Kinect into their hardware to make this portability possible, rather than making the devices on their own. May be after the success of this concept, we could have our own Kinect integrated tablets in our hands, we never know!
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