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@Ankita Katdare • 29 May, 2014
Amazon, the world's greatest competitor to most e-commerce websites and to Flipkart in India has launched a new free app called "Kindle Cloud Reader" that lets Amazon users read Kindle ebooks right in the browser they are using as well as offline from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. The Kindle Cloud Reader app has been introduced today for the Indian market. The app does not require any download or installation process. It will synchronize automatically with your Kindle library. Whatever you were reading online on your browser will be saved on the cloud and available for you offline - be it
last page read, bookmarks, view, add, edit notes or highlights for all of your Kindle books.

Other features such as - changing background color of the book you're reading or searching for some topic or character inside the book - has been made pretty easy with the app. The controls to turn the pages of the book also fade away at the bottom of the screen, once you start reading.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.22.53 PM
If you are on any of the following browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari or even Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), you can immediately start accessing ebooks via Kindle Cloud Reader app. The app is also compatible with mobile environments such as iPad. Extending their mission statement - ‘Buy Once, Read Everywhere', Amazon India might just get a lot more book-loving users than before. Once you log-in to the app using your Amazon log-in credentials, if you don't have any books in your Kindle Library, the app will prompt you to shop for them on the Kindle Store.

There are some good add-on and plugins available for Chrome and Firefox that let you read eBooks already. But with Kindle's native app in place, most wont want to turn to other third part apps. What are your thoughts on the all new Kindle Cloud Reader app? Share with us in comments below.

Source: Kindle Cloud Reader
@Ankita Katdare • 29 May, 2014 Any book lovers around here? Can someone give it a try and share a review with us?

@Abhishek Rawal, @Manish Goyal, @Chaitanya Kukde, @Shailaja Tiwari, @Ambarish Ganesh, @Anoop Kumar, @S.mukherjee, @Harshad Italiya, @Velshankar M, @Rajni Jain
@Yogesh Borkar • 29 May, 2014 I think this app is amazing...people can buy books when online and can read them on the go when they are offline. This pull strategy might attract enormous book lovers to Amazon.
@Ankita Katdare • 29 May, 2014 Thanks, Yogesh. 😀 I hope we can get more constructive reviews so that we can compare this service with the other existing competitors.
@Rajni Jain • 29 May, 2014 • 1 like I haven't used kindle till date.
however, the idea of having a cloud based app seems nice. You just pay once and get access of your book everywhere.. Whoa !

However technology wise, just wondering what's new here?
Cloud based systems were always there. Apple, Chrome everyone gives that?

Am i being ignorant or missing something here?

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