Java is a horrible language!

Java is a horrible language!!

Linus Torvalds creator of linux said this!

I agree,java is the worst programming language


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    ...and what's the point of discussion? 😨
  • Aadit Kapoor
    Aadit Kapoor
    I want to know what other people thinks
  • [Prototype]
    Blindly saying its horrible doesn't make sense. Put some valid points to back your words.
  • Alok mishra
    Alok mishra
    This sounds horrible . Java is like dogs , make it your pet then you'll know its worth .
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    Here is the video,

    Anyway all Languages are horrible except the one I use 😨
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    once the thread gains some technical traction, will be moved back to CS section
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    I don't think Java is a horrible language overall.
    But I do think it is a most horrible language for Desktops. Desktop applications have to be responsive & Java GUI takes 2-2.5 sec of response time, which is obviously slow. No wonder why you don't see any desktop application written in Java.
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    Java is slow because there is no native support, No direct hardware control.
    It creates a virtual scope and runs. That's why slow.
    For embedded system which use real time simulation, No one going to use.
    Java is all about high security, scalability, robust and handing business logic.

    If you want to design a responsive and good looking website, certainly JSP (A java component) is totally horrible.
  • rahul69
    Aadit Kapoor
    Java is a horrible language!!

    Linus Torvalds creator of linux said this!

    I agree,java is the worst programming language
    It depends on the kind of work u need to do. Rest is just the matter of choice. In my opinion Java is awesome, because of features it provides (cross platform, Object oriented etc. ) and kind of applications it can build 😀
  • The_Small_k
    haha 😁
    Today i got the reason why i always like to watch horror movie.

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