Is Wankel engine suitable for bikes?

hello guys, i want to know that is wankel is acceptable for bikes and if it is what are the parameters on which attention has to be paid in order to use it? also can anyone suggest me a place in Mumbai or in Maharashtra where i can buy a small single cylinder engine of about 80-100cc?


  • The Observer
    The Observer
    Wankel is that rotary engine right? it was used in some car. Search for that. i hope it'll help you delve into the details you need.
  • ppkmech
    ya it is suitable for bikes.... it is also tested by many leading companies like Suzuki, yamaha, Hercules etc., Better you visit this blog, here u can get more info....

  • Gurjap
    I believe the Mazda R8 uses the Wankel design. Nobody else does. There are huge problems associated with its apex seals, which nobody can seem to manufacture reliably and cost effectively.

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