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Is passive income really worth it?

I have heard a lot about online business and freelancing, affiliate marketing etc but I don't know whether it is worth investing time because we have to learn few things before providing certain service online ( eg. Freelancing) and I know it won't be enough to make a living out of it but I should be able to take care of my expenses atleast and not becoming a burden on my any ideas where I can start something to earn offline or online....any advise??

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 16, 2019

It won't be right to think about passive income unless you have an established source of active income. 

Without knowing anything about your current skills-set and experience; it will be very difficult to give you specific advise. You will have to study the various opportunities available - like freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing and pick up one that suits you the most and is in sync with your existing skills-set. Of course, keep in mind that each of the avenues to earning money online will take time and lot of efforts. I'd like to inform you that what you are talking about is not passive income at all. 

My advise would be to prepare for a full-time job first and then think about earning passive income in your part-time.

Sure thing sir....

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