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@lovejeet • 19 Oct, 2010
It's a well established saying that 'money pulls money'. So wondering is money really required to make money?
@aj_onduty • 19 Oct, 2010 Investment is required to make money. The investment can be physical hard work, assets, money. Doing a job is also making money! So, I think, money is not an essential investment to make money!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Oct, 2010 Nope. If you clean your neighbor's garden; you can charge some money to them - and make money without any money.
@BCA_GIRL • 03 Nov, 2010 To make money always money is not required. If we have money what we don't know how to invest it, or if we don't invest it in the proper field in proper way then it will not make any more money. Money can be make by our efforts.
"In actual it is not the money who makes money, it is the way of investing it."
@lovejeet • 04 Nov, 2010 @the_big_k- it depends if the neighbour really wants to have his garden clean, n still one can not spend his full life cleaning someone's garden........
@bca girl- but what if we don't have a penny to invest??????
@aj_onduty • 04 Nov, 2010 Dear Lovejeet,
What Biggie said above is just an example to show that there is no need f money to investment.
I also suggest you to read BCA_GIRL's post once again!
@BCA_GIRL • 04 Nov, 2010
Posted by Lovejeet -- @bca girl- but what if we don't have a penny to invest??????
Then also you can earn money, but condition is that you should know how to do it. And you should have a firm determination for it.
@4M4N • 22 Dec, 2010 in my views, if u want to make money in bulk then u must have large initial investment, otherwise efforts are enough
@krishnabansal07 • 26 Dec, 2010 money need money...the ggod k...if want to clean the garden u ill need euipment for it....that will cost makes even begg u will need some utensil or hat or han hankerchief that will shurely cost u...!!
@narayana murthy • 26 Dec, 2010 as i think money is not exactly make money.we needed money i.e., investment to get some money but we can get that investment too using intelligence and strong effort mainly we needed will to do all thinks
finally my view is will makes all even we had money or not
@shreyasm89 • 26 Dec, 2010 Here we are talking about money as an asset, one we can use to buy goods & services, it should be substantial & not in pennies & shillings! So let us not get into a very base level like cleaning a garden or something(I trust everyone is an engineer here & none of us will clean gardens for money😉)
To make money, by which we mean earning lots of it, we don't need huge investments always, middle-agents make a lot of money by just advising people where to invest(consultation charges)& where not to! So we can make money without money too.

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