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klaatu • May 22, 2008

IR Switching.

Hello all,

I have been trying to teach myself about microcontrollers and the like. I am at a bit of a loss though. Your help would be great.

I have a project where i would like to use IR to turn on/off a 3 watt LED.
The remote would need to be small (like the size of a watch) and the reciever would need to fit in an aluminum tube that is a 1 1/4 diameter. There will be a hole in the tube for proper LOS of the IR. These all will need to be power with batteries. The IR receiver will be activating a relay switch because the 3 watt will draw more power than the reciever set up (i would imagine)

I was at first looking at basic microcontrollers suchs as Motorola/freescale, AVR, and PIC. Then I stumbled upon the motorola encoders/decoders.

So my question is should I go with microcontrollers or the encoder/decoders. I would think the encoder/decoders but would i still need to do some programming or are they precoded to work with one another? or is there a better way to do it?

Thank you all very much in advance.

buddy,we can do it with a 8051 microcontroller and IR need of high-end Micorcontrollers or encoder/decoder.
just2rock • May 25, 2008
Intel Microcontroller,8xc the perfect match for what i underrstand for the said project
mkaras • Jun 7, 2008
Also consider that if you put a small MCU behind the IR receiver it can do the decoding in FW and then drive the output to control the lamp driver. For simplicity in your IR source (the transmitter end) consider using one of many cheaply available universal remote controls. This way you can avoid even having to build that portion.

Here is a link to one such example: - Universal Remote Controls R2-Mini Universal Infrared Remote Control

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