Inventions and Patents

Intellectual Property Rights, Invention and Patents

The above slide shows how industries evolve and what should be done for the same. comments are welcome.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    "How to Invent' looks like a nice slide in the presentation. I personally oppose patents as they tend to obstruct free use of technology.
  • IPAI
    I have updated the presentation you can have a look at it now. Patents are filed to stop trade secrets. so that after its expiry the technology can be used freely and the previous technology can be used for futher development. Otherwise People tend to use their invention as trade secrets for 2 to 3 generations 😒
    *Don't spend before a patent search*? Can you explain slide number 12 please? I don't get it. I think many of the people rely on google scholars for research papers by others so that they do not mistakenly duplicate the content.
  • IPAI
    @ishopre : you are talking about publications. A patent is not a publication it is the right granted by the government to a particular individual or a company. and there are patent offices worldwide one for each country so before thinking about inventing something one has to make an elaborate patent search in most of the patent databases available(for example: US patents can be searched in google patents). the search is to be made based on the new idea if that is already patented you can save time and money😀

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