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Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Mar 18, 2008

Internet stops working!

Was doing my weekly reads when I came across this ... do you know that the Internet will stop working in 30 years. The reason being that Unix stores the date in the form of signed 32 bit integers, starting from Jan 1, 1970 in the form of seconds. 3:14 AM on January 19, 2038, we max out.

For more dope, read Year 2038 problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
gohm • Mar 19, 2008
How interesting, y2k all over again! Just like with y2k, they'll get it fixed. We have 30 years notice, a lot more than with y2k! We may be away from unix/32 bit systems then.
MaRo • Mar 19, 2008
It's being solved by obtaining 64-bit integer which will make it reach billions of years.

Although, I think there will be another communicating technology before 2038 and the Internet problem will be written in a line in some magazine or something.

We will think about Internet in 2038 like what we're thinking now about the typewriter.
Man, has it been that long since y2k? seems like yesterday..

64-bit for the win!

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