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Intel TV To Rival Apple TV?

Question asked by Swagatam M in #Gadgets on Mar 13, 2012
Swagatam M
Swagatam M · Mar 13, 2012
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The IPTV market is growing its roots all over the world and with that in mind Intel is planning to set its foot into the market to rival Apple and Google. Intel is reported to be preparing a set-top box for VoD programming where users would be able to enjoy their desired shows on any device with an internet connection.


Intel, which has reportedly started negotiations with cable companies, is said to be in an early stage, to introduce a worthy rival for Apple TV. Intel is definitely capable of making such chips as it has been the most looked after as a chip maker for various SmartTV manufacturers. But recently the company has announced that it will not be making its x86 chipsets available for SmartTVs. The decision came as most of the SmartTV manufacturers like Samsung are now considering their own chips over Intel's.

The plan here is to allow the cable companies to offer their full programming on the service instead of the traditional Video on Demand, which means it will be a similar service as Google TV. In January 2011, Intel hired Erik Huggers, former BBC executive, which hinted Intel's attempt to enter the home entertainment arena expanding its business along with the PC market. With his expertise Intel will be expecting to make its mark and take over the IPTV domination from other players, specifically Apple as Google has not really succeeded in capturing the market as such.

Intel has been a supplier of chipsets for various platforms and cable companies but now it would be interesting to see what new Intel brings to internet based TV programming which is expected to be a booming market in the near future.

Source: TechRadar  |  Image Credit: GlassDoor Posted in: #Gadgets

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