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The tower under construction at Mumbai, if completed by 2016 stands a chance to become the world's second tallest building; while the top rank is still claimed by Dubai's Burj Khalifa. The proposed height of the skyscraper is about 700 meters aka 2300 ft. The building is expected to have about 126 floors. The building is also known as the Park Hyatt Towers or Dynamix Balwas Tower (DB Tower). As of today, the project has been put on hold and is expected to get revived soon.

One of the YouTube users has posted the construction video:-

But I wonder whether this *is* the right video. Someone living nearby can confirm and if possible, please post the latest photos/videos of the construction site.

The final design of the tower, as posted on Wikipedia looks like this: -


It would be quite interesting to follow up the civil engineering & structural engineering insider view on this tower. Considering the Mumbai climate, it's going to be even more interesting to see how this building develops. I'm more curious to know why this structure will stand the strong sea winds. The elder brother, Burj Khalifa has a triangular base, which logically makes sense; considering the stability. What's your take on this?
@CIVILPRINCESS • 14 Jan, 2012 The image shows like it has a triangular base only. the triangular base allows it to stay stable against the wind and the wind will flow towards the sides with ease. And this being in the shore side has to be Triangular in shape.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 14 Jan, 2012 But it looks so close to the shore. Then what kind of foundations are being used? Any info available on this?

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