I'm an Electrical engineering student. I want to go for C-DAC Course..is it helpful to get job?

hi... myself Priyanka Pathak from Jabalpur, MP
I'm doing B.E in Electrical and Electronics Branch from a private college (RGPV University MP )
i'll complete my Bachelor's Degree this year only...
I am looking for a good job in future, but to get a satisfactory job nowadays in addition to B.E or any degree it has become necessary to do some kinnda coursewhich would be benefical to gain some practical knowledge ..
So, i searched on net and got to know about a good course known as C-DAC.. while going through YAHOO ANSWERS i got your e-mail and came to know that you too an employee at one of C-DAC centre..
Sir will you please do me a favour ??
Please let me know about C-DAC Pune and the various courses offered in your institute specially benefical for ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS Branch student..
My degree would be around 7.54 CGPA , and 10th 12th both 1st division passed from ICSE and ISC university respectively..
i'm very much interested in doing this course if it would be advantageous for me from job point of view..
Hope you'll get back to me soon..


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