IDoc Errors in SAP - What is IDoc, Inbound Processing And IDoc Status

IDoc stands for Intermediate Document in SAP. It is nothing but a SAP Document format that is used for Business transaction data transfers.
For us technical people, we can understand it by saying that IDoc has a purpose similar to that of XML.
Both are used for data exchange and automation in computer systems, but the IDoc-Technology takes a different approach.

An IDoc consists of -

Control record - It defines the type of IDoc, port of the partner, release of SAP R/3 which produced the IDoc etc.
Data records - A SD order can have any number of items)
Status records - It contains messages like 'IDoc created', 'The recipient exists', 'IDoc was successfully passed to the port', 'Could not book the invoice because.'

If you are creating an IDoc error report -

You might see the following two status messages -
IDoc status 51 - "Application document not posted"
IDoc status 52 - " Application document not fully posted"
IDoc status 63 - "Error passing IDoc to application"

Here is a list of transactions, you can use to understand -
  • WE02 - IDoc List report
This report can be used to display and edit IDocs.
  • WE19 - The IDoc document should not get proceesed.
  • WE20 - Partner Profile
This transaction determines a processing code based on the partner profile identified by the control record of the IDoc.
  • WE21 - Ports in IDoc processing
This transaction identifies an external port (RFC, File, ABAP-PI, etc.) that controls the IDoc flow to an external system.
  • WE30 - IDoc Type Development
  • WE31 - Development IDoc Segment
  • WE32 - Development IDoc View
  • WE41 - Outbound process code
This transaction links an outbound processing code specified in a partner profile to a function module.
  • WE42 - Inbound process code
This transaction links an inbound processing code specified in a partner profile to a function module.
  • BD87 - Inbound processing


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