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@n.kirubhakaran • 27 Oct, 2012
How can we diff four wheeler's petrol & diesel engine by visually....
@SYED BASEERULLAH • 27 Oct, 2012 • 1 like Its simple. Mostly diesel engines are compression ignition and petrol engines are spark ignited one. If you see a spark plug its petrol engine or else it would be diesel engine.But still there is a complication that now researches are going on to manufacture a petrol engine which works on compression ignition. but conventional engines are as said above.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 27 Oct, 2012 The presence of fins in the engine compartment also differentiates them apart as Diesel engines have and petrol does not
@zaveri • 28 Oct, 2012 diesel engines will have injectors and hose pipes running from them.

petrol engines will have spark plugs, plug cap, and thick electric cables running from them.
@Manish Tomar • 29 Oct, 2012 • 1 like
How can we diff four wheeler's petrol & diesel engine by visually....
Diesel engine will have an individual fuel injectors of each cylinder... you can see a series of fuel injectors at the top of each cylinder whereas in petrol engine which is spark ignited there will be no such fuel injectors present... spark plugs will be present over there 😀
@Manish Tomar • 29 Oct, 2012
How can we diff four wheeler's petrol & diesel engine by visually....

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