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@areeba ronald nad • 07 Jan, 2013
Please I want a research proposal report regarding mechanical engineering and some possible topics.
@barath rajamani • 07 Jan, 2013 ask a PHD holder or ur college prof or HOD for this..
and trying to get topics out of vagueness wont help in research proposals😘
@areeba ronald nad • 08 Jan, 2013 bobgalle ,thanks for the advice but i already did that and failed
@Ramani Aswath • 08 Jan, 2013 nad ron, you have to help us to help you. What is the purpose of this proposal? Is this part of an ongoing course or is it a new activity. What is the level of the study. Is it leading to an M.Phil degree or is it a PhD programme? Will you be doing it in a university as a student or is it an industrial project?

There are many here, who will come up with suggestions if some of these are clarified.
@areeba ronald nad • 15 Jan, 2013 thanks bioramani,i need a research proposal am in 3rd year doing bachelors degree in mechanical engineering..course is ongoing
@Ramani Aswath • 15 Jan, 2013 1. Ground effect turbulence: Personal Hoverboard. A mechatronics project.

2. Basic CNC machines. Many projects on do-it-yourself CNC machine projects are available here:

3. Non traditional fabrication. You can try your hand at building a simple spark erosion machine.
Here is a basic one:
A few videos:,d.bmk&fp=9fac0bf5838e2a8d&biw=1280&bih=869

Electro Chemical Deburring can be another project.
@areeba ronald nad • 19 Jan, 2013 thank you for that bioramani., will surely check through it and see what i can do about it
@Unclep • 01 Jul, 2015 I love some help me with project proposal. i am an M.Sc. graduate of Mechanical engineering. I majored in Thermal engineering. I work on thermal conductivity of poor conducting materials but the work seems to be somehow simple. I want to specialize on important pressing topic in Energy. I have contacted several lecturers but to no avail.Please i need some help. Thank you

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