I used both " " and ' ' what's next to represent a string ?

Hello friend's
Sometimes when we already used " " to represent a string.Next time when we have to represent a string under " " we use ' '.
I used both and don't know what's next.
Help me guy's.


  • simplycoder
    @small_k: I think you are using some language like that of php.
    In general sense, ' ' is used to represent a character in the string and " " is used to represent a string.
    In languages like that of php, the php parser, will allow the programer to use both representations ' ' and " " to represent a string.

    To represent another string,I would recommend escape sequence \ just google up for addslashes.
  • The_Small_k
    @SC Thanks for the reply.
    Actually i am using java.I fixed this issue by using scriptlets(<% %>).

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