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I need to solve the errors in my pan card: help me

I have submitted the application to my pan card 2 months ago. Within 15 days, I received my PAN card. I am given required all information such as name, photo and signature. But my pan card did not get my photo. What is the reason? I have incorporated photos of my passport with my signature. Yesterday I have an open deposit account with an open post office account. So I have to submit my PAN card for that procedure. I submitted it but it was not accepted. Because it is not my photo. What can I do to connect my photo to that place?

Please ask me to provide details to resolve the errors. I can get my PAN card number wrong. Can I review my PAN card with clear information? How can i do it online what are the procedures done? If you take any action for my problem please share with me in my email or comment box. I do not have any kind of process to finish it. That's why I can ask you. Get some jobs for my PAN card. SO Please help me immediately. I hope you will help me as soon as possible. I have got many problems in my investments.

I use my father's PAN card and bank account details for business transactions. I need a quick answer and a response from you. Answer me. I've listened to people's kind of online and direct way. Nobody can give me the right answer and answer. I'm online and chat. So you can always call and give me your ideas and ideas. You need special information and feedback. I have already received many unrelated answers. But I'll add my email ID for future reference. There are a number of problems with getting my PAN card number other than errors.

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