Kadir Doğan
Kadir Doğan
Branch Unspecified
22 Aug 2016

I need Russian sources (Aerodynamic and Flight Mechanics)

Hi guys. I need ur suggestion. Firstly, (I gotta say that I'm new about this topic) I'm studying mechanical engineering and It's my first year. I've never learned about fluid mechanics or termodynamic or differantial equations before but I'm dealing with Aircrafts especially UAV. I've read Aircraft design (Daniel P. Raymer) and some other small sources and I've learned a lot. I deal to make model aircraft nowadays. It's okey.
Your suggestion is related with book. I'm looking some Russian Aerodynamic or aircraft design books. Tupolev, Ilyushin etc. Can you suggest a book for me? Thank you. (Just Russian)

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