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Kunal Vats
Kunal Vats • Dec 7, 2018

I got offer letter from TCS And my % in 12th is less than 60%.

I got 60% in 10th and 59% in my 12th and 75% in Recently I got offer letter from TCS. I submitted my documents at the time of registration and In my resume I mention 60% in my 12th.

But Now I'm feared that TCS check or verify my document at the time of joining and may find that I'm not eligible(Tcs Criteria is 60% throughout). IS it so?

Is that exact% you got or it is 59. Something cuz I also have 59.9% but when I applied for campus placement they said it should be written 60%. And also I have heard that if your % is like (eg 59.6 ) it will be considered as 60%.

Kunal Vats
Kunal Vats • Dec 7, 2018

Exactly 59% 

My question is 

Is Tcs gonna check or verify my documents at joining or They already check before giving me offer letter?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 8, 2018

@Kunal Vats - They've gone stricter in the recent times; I heard from several people. However, your best bet is to continue with the process and take whatever comes your way. If they check and find out that you lied in the Resume; be prepared for the consequences.

If they don't catch you, thank your luck. But do not stop looking for new jobs in the mean time.

don't be afraid brother. 

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