• .. but their cheap publicity and marketing tactics(#-Link-Snipped-#), filing patents infringements against Apple as response to cases filed by Apple (of course they already lost one while Apple won one) doesnt really create positive impression, as I was going through Iphone 4S specs, I read about Voice Assistant feature known as Siri and it looks like next great to-be-adopted by other mobile phone manufactures to me, any thoughts?
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    MemberOct 15, 2011

    It is only 4-5 days back, I was talking with my cousin, I got a reply , "Apple mainly operates outside India", I wronged him. I said many phone technology firms copy features from Apple products.
    In this context it won't be wrong to say that we are indirectly influenced by Apple.
    Samsung has been a leading brand while you should see the tech-specs.
    from say one, the company has been saying, " We want to be market leaders", but how? The answer is not specified but look at the marketing strategies of Galaxy 4S. It is same as other companies.

    If you are trying to say that a company copies other, then it is true. Someone creates an atmosphere and other encash it.
    Not only about iPhone and other product, Let us talk about OS and Microsoft.

    Microsoft and Apple Inc. are the two major companies that dominate the OS scene. Their strategies of marketing are totally different but both are excellently successful in their own ways.
    Apply hardly gives a few months time to developers while launching a product (OS) on the other hand Microsoft offers them around a year or so to them before the official debut.
    For Samsung and mobile world, as we see iPhones dominate the market, other smartphone manufacturers would but naturally want to develop their own version of SIRI.
    Cutting short of topic, I just saw this. #-Link-Snipped-# and I am astonished. I want to get some real Tech-specs about it now. Hope I can make it up soon. 😀
    But I bet, this is the only major change that Apple has brought in this iPhone this time. And we can expect not only samsung but many others following suit.
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