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IT Girl ^^
IT Girl ^^ • Apr 21, 2009

i created the block diagram now i want the idea


i'm in IT technology / telecommunication and computer networking department .i have to make my graduation project and i don't have a clue wat to do , i have made a general idea about wat i'm interested in but i don't know where's the area from this general idea that i could work on as my specialize πŸ˜•



i have made these two diagrams as a general idea, the right site is supposed to be a robot and i wanted it with a sensor that is a camera
but i don't know wat to do next as a part of my specialize !!! πŸ˜•

wat to work on ? i can't work on the data processing or data control on the robot cuz it's not my specialize and i can not work on the module (that's y i bought a ready one ) cuz i don't hav a large idea about electronics or microcontrollers πŸ˜”

i have studied these areas :

-Network (almost everything) with routing of course & security & design
-digital communication
-Wireless & mobile communication
-Internet programming (HTML & XML & ASP & ASP.NET)
-Socket prgramming with VB.NET
-Mobile Commerce

so any ideas ? and i hope it's related to robot πŸ˜”β€‹
Great after going through you diagram answer me few questions,What is ur application area??? what kind off communication you looking for??which operations you are going to perform?? from the diagram i feel its kind of telemetry system,as if data is collected from remote location,please explain...
IT Girl ^^
IT Girl ^^ • Apr 21, 2009
thx for answer me so fast
ur right, it is a telemetry system
well, i was thinkning of a robot with a camera that i can control it remotly over wireless network with AP.Robot will send me realtime data that i will recive on my remote device and then i'll send it commands so it can do as i tell him to do.

it seems like a server\client model but i don't want just socket or seial port programming and eveything else is ready .It is a graduation project after all ,so i want more work on this and i wat is there on the robot itself that i can work on and it's near my specialize?
IT Girl ^^
IT Girl ^^ • Apr 21, 2009
can i do my project on data networking on robot ?
data which is collected from the robot .
surely you can,well first you have select a robot which you want to control or a device which will collect similar data,see in which format the data is processed and then look for a similar telemetry system!!!
Hello IT Girl,
You can try specializing on the digital communication aspect. If you have more than one type of telemetry, you can configuring a protocol that can packet all the data and transmit them efficiently using error correction codes such as Viterbi and Turbo codes πŸ˜€
but ash,what data is to be collected matters,then we can go ahead with digital communication
IT Girl ^^
IT Girl ^^ • Apr 23, 2009
thanks ^^ ,
i'll have to ask my supervisor first.
if there's any other idea plz tell me ^^
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • May 1, 2009
but ash,what data is to be collected matters,then we can go ahead with digital communication
You are right, I probably just jumped too far ahead πŸ˜‰

So far we know that camera data well be sent back to the host, and basic commands from the host back to the robot. Since the focus is on data networking, we can disregard issues like positioning and other forms of telemetry.

To simplify things, using a wireless webcam would be recommended for video transmission, while a simple transceiver can be used for commands as they do not require much bandwidth.

But.. if you want to be more adventurous and make your graduate project more worthwhile, you can try packeting both commands and video data over the same link (wifi). Then issues such as error correction and noise reduction becomes more important.

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