Hybrid two wheeler

Hi friends,I am third year .I make a project on hybrid two wheeler.Any one please send a idea for two stroke and four stroke engines


  • Thermal
    hybrid with electric motor + combustion?

    If electric motor is incorporated then you should also think over using ultracapacitors as the starter and peak loads shaving.

    Send me pm and we can discuss this.
  • rudolfcd
    I am trying to modify Luna into one with hybrid engine.Can any one give the electric power requirement...
  • joi

    I m a student of mech. engg. & want to prepear a seminar report on robotics . can anyone help me?
  • khooper
    In fact, two-wheelers appear to be so dirty that Wheels was unable to convince a local dealer to run a Drive Clean test on them because the emissions could seriously damage the testing machines.

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